Disney Princess – The Concert at Embassy Theatre

Disney Princess - The Concert Tickets

Embassy Theatre | Fort Wayne, Indiana

The excellent Embassy Theatre, Fort Wayne, Indiana is is known as the supreme venue of its kind in Indiana, and it has something outstanding in store for you this March, a show that will make you fall in love with your favourite act all over again! Back this spring, 2022 is one of the most iconic acts around today, out of this world talent….Disney Princess – The Concert! Get the big day in your diary: Sunday 27th March 2022, and secure your tickets today, its expected to sell out so don't miss your window of opportunity! Click buy now!

Disney Princess - The Concert at Embassy Theatre

Indiana is known as one of the only states for music fans in the world to experience top-quality music, LIVE. Fans come from near and far to watch their favourite stars live in person, and the Embassy Theatre is one of the biggest arenas in Indiana for worldwide A-list stars to tour at, situated in the centre of Fort Wayne where the social hub of arts and culture buzzes around it. Right now, the Embassy Theatre is gearing up to welcome the very much anticipated Disney Princess – The Concert on the Sunday 27th March 2022! This won't be the average Sunday night, even for the Embassy Theatre! Fort Wayne will be heaving with fans all prepared to be part of one of the most exciting live performances of 2022! We have a small selection of tickets left so get your hands on them now and make sure you're in that crowd to experience Disney Princess – The Concert!

Disney Princess - The Concert at Embassy Theatre

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